Entrust Trusted Cryptocurrency HSM Wallet

HSM Wallet based security solution for crypto assets

Hardware based server protection. Simple to integrate. Certified hardware environment – HSM

HSM Wallet is a secure implementation of a cryptocurrency wallet. Different from personal hardware wallets currently presented on the market, our solution is oriented towards server systems with a high number of the user keys.
The hardware core of the HSM Wallet security is the Entrust nShield HSM, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified general purpose HSM, which provides features essential for establishing a high level of security – the users private keys are stored inside the HSM and all cryptographic operations with owned wallets are executed in trusted HSM environment.

HSM Wallet is a great solution

To upgrade your online wallet

Secure online wallet means that you have a complete control over your cryptocurrency assets around the clock from anywhere in the world. HSM Wallet helps you do just that. Your cryptocurrency is located in a secured and trustworthy HSM environment that neither hackers or unauthorized insiders can breach. The authentication mechanism makes sure that nobody but the authorized users have an access to the operations regarding those wallets.

To ensure a secure cryptotrading

It’s a well-known fact, that cryptocurrency stock exchanges are the most frequent targets of cybercriminals. To eliminate most risks associated with cryptotrading, HSM Wallet transfers your existing hot wallets into a certified secure HSM boundaries, from which it’s practically impossible to steal, copy or replace your private keys. HSM Wallet also gives you an option to track your transactions, preventing the hacker from manufacturing fake transactions you are unaware of.

To protect cryptographic systems against attack

Recently, more and more often servers are being attacked exclusively with an intent to steal their private keys. By utilizing HSM Wallet it is not an issue. HSM hardware is specifically designed considering the possibility of a side channel attack attempt and cryptographic algorithms are realized to prevent these attacks. Private keys are generated and stored encrypted in a tamper-proof environment and cannot be extracted clear-text, even if you have a physical access to the hardware.

To eliminate unwitting insider threats

Human factor is always a tricky part when it comes to security of any kind, it is vital to reduce the risks of unintentional breach that will compromise the security system. In this case a second authentication factor is the answer. To gain the access to the keys, two conditions should be met: authorized access to the HSM and authorized access to the key. In case either of them isn’t followed, the keys can’t be used.

Key features and functions


  • All the operations with private keys are isolated from the blockchain operations
  • The HSM allows to create, store and use the private keys only inside the highly secure hardware environment and never leaves it
  • Keys are practically impossible to steal, copy or replace


  • Supports different cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)
  • Address generation for supported cryptocurrencies.
  • Carrying out transactions


  • All the protected keys are stored in encrypted key blobs
  • The keys never leave the HSM unencrypted
  • The keys are impossible to open outside the HSM even having access to the encrypted key blobs