ADSS Signing server

World-class, globally trusted solution for signing & verification

ADSS Signing Server is a comprehensive solution for creating and verifying advanced digital signatures on any type of document, web form or transaction. Business applications can rely on ADSS Signing Server to ensure document and data integrity, user authentication, non-repudiation and long-term provability of information. ADSS Signing Server can be easily integrated with business applications using our high-level ADSS Client SDK or simple web services calls. It complies with the OASIS DSS and DSS-X protocol specifications.


ADSS Signing Server can create and verify all common signature formats, including: PDF, PAdES, CAdES, XAdES, XML DigSig, PKCS#7, CMS, PKCS#1 and S/MIME. Click here for a complete list of ADSS Server supported signature formats.

Features & Benefits

Easy installation, configuration & management

Being completely GUI based with its own purpose built installer ensures ADSS Signing Server can be set-up and operational in minutes. Automated tasks such as auto-archiving of transaction logs and real-time alerting ensure minimum operator time is required for maintenance or house-keeping. ADSS Signing Server comes with detailed management reporting for each service which provides dashboard level information that can easily be drilled into for detailed information.

Meets highest levels of performance, scalability and resilience

Performance, scalability and resilience are essential qualities for a centralised e-trust security server. ADSS Server is packed with features capable of ensuring it meets even the highest demands placed upon it by Managed Service Providers servicing multiple customers.

Provides maximum security

ADSS Server has been designed with maximum security in mind – from strong identification and authentication of client applications and operators, service access control and secure detailed logging, through to automated system integrity checking, and dual control features.