EJBCA Software

The most used PKI in the world

Feature-complete PKI

EJBCA Software Appliance supports all your public key infrastructure (PKI) use cases and scales with your needs. It offers clustering possibilities and comes in five models, from XS to XL.

Off-the-shelf packaged solution

The self-contained software package runs on your virtualization platform and lets you plug in your existing hardware security module (HSM).

Rapid deployment within minutes

Easy and fast deployment with a stable package that includes the complete software stack – not only the PKI applications.


The graphical user interface in EJBCA Software Appliance, makes it easy to deploy and maintain your EJBCA instances. 

Features of EJBCA Software Appliance

EJBCA Software Appliance includes EJBCA Enterprise and offers an easy and cost-efficient way to deploy and maintain an enterprise PKI system. Leverage your virtualization environment and pick the HSM of your choice.

Complete and easy to deploy enterprise PKI solution

EJBCA Software Appliance supports most of your PKI use cases. In a single instance, you can run multiple certificate authorities (CAs), subordinate CAs, registration authorities (RAs) and validation authorities (VAs). In addition, EJBCA Software Appliance comes as a fully tested and complete software technology package. It is delivered in a virtual machine (VM) and you can leverage your existing virtualization environment.

Easy to maintain and operate

Easy and effective management is the key to a secure and reliable PKI deployment. With EJBCA Software Appliance, updates and upgrades are delivered as complete and tested software packages. Backup and restore routines are robust and simplified to reduce manual errors.

Bring your own HSM

PrimeKey understands that organizations have different needs and business requirements – and that things evolve over time. We therefore offer the EJBCA Software Appliance in five different models ranging from XS to XL. This gives you the possibility to start small and grow with your use cases.

Flexible for your use cases

Although only Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) offering Qualified Services are obligated to operate a certified solution, we bring one within reach of many more TSPs and other organizations. Now anyone with a need for Remote Signing can build highly secure and convenient services based on our TRIDENT RSS.