EJBCA® Enterprise

In the connected society, as the need for trusted data keeps increasing, it is more and more obvious that security and PKI are crucial for all kinds of businesses and organizations. The open source and multipurpose software EJBCA Enterprise supports many integrations and automation possibilities, and issues certificates to humans, servers and IoT devices.

The world’s most used PKI

On-premises, cloud or SaaS

EJBCA supports a wide variety of public key infrastructure (PKI) use cases, scenarios, and integrations into other application ecosystems, and is proven in large deployments worldwide.

Open source

Built on open standards and a Common Criteria-certified open source platform, EJBCA brings the transparency and commitment you need for a long-term security solution.

On-premises, cloud or SaaS

Deploy EJBCA as it suits your needs – either as a turn-key software or hardware appliance, or as a cloud or SaaS PKI.

What PKI offers


By use of digital certificates, all persons, servers and devices in a PKI solution have a unique and secure identity.


With the help of PKI and certificates, all data that is transmitted over unsecured networks is encrypted and safe from unauthorized access.


Digital signing of code, time and documents ensures the authenticity of any data in transit and when at rest.

Features of EJBCA Enterprise

The PKI platform EJBCA Enterprise offers certificate issuing and management, to provide you with trusted identities and secure communication for any use case scenario. EJBCA Enterprise is multitenant and supports multiple Certificate Authorities (CAs) and levels of CAs within one software instance.

Cost-efficient security

Able to protect virtually any use case and area of technology, our EJBCA Enterprise software meets all your needs for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and provides various options to let you find the most cost-efficient solution. PrimeKey offers EJBCA as a turn-key software or hardware appliance, or as a cloud or SaaS PKI.


The flexibility and robustness of EJBCA Enterprise provide the capability to serve both small-scale and large-scaleenterprise implementations with millions of users or devices in high availability environments, by support for various deployment options, centralized operations and a high level of automation.

Enables compliance

EJBCA Enterprise follows best practices, with detailed, signed audit and transaction logs, role-based authorization and extensive support for hardware security modules. It is Common Criteria certified and already deployed at numerous ETSI/eIDAS- and WebTrust-audited and ePassport reference customers.

Integrates well

With proven integrations into application ecosystems, including IoT devices and DevOps tools, via support for multiple protocols and formats, EJBCA Enterprise is there all along the way on your digitalization journey. See also PKI and Signature Services for Microservices and DevOps Environments.